Columbus Digital Consulting

Managed PPC, Display, Connected TV, Digital Radio, Social Media

At Redknot Media, we have a score of resources at our disposal. Though we do not run advertising campaigns ourselves, we do have several agency partnerships with certified Google Partners. Through a management fee, we help strategize and optimize your campaign and hand it to a trusted vendor. 

Whether you are interested in PPC, display advertising, or adverting on streaming services, we can help point you in a direction that makes the most sense for your business’s specific goals and industry.

An Unabated Advocate

To put it simply, we help hold your current agency accountable. Redknot Media is a boutique firm and consultant. We act as true advocates and partners of your business. We do not have packages or cookie-cutter plans, and we do not claim to have the cheapest services in Columbus. At our core, our philosophy is to do what’s best for our clients, because that will help our own business in the long run. 

If another agency beats us on price, we are not in the business of providing the cheapest product to win a sale. What we can do is advocate for your business on your behalf to ensure your current agency provider is delivering on its promise. We can help you set realistic:

  • key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • metric goals
  • performance-based incentives

Rather than trying to convince you to leave your provider, we can help you continue paying the same rates while increasing your return.

A Second Set Of Eyes

Are you already working with a digital agency? Are you confused about your return on investment? Having another set of eyes can be invaluable in the digital landscape. 

Many Columbus businesses incorporate digital marketing into their marketing plan because they know how valuable it can be – but they don’t know where to begin. Unfortunately, some agencies may take advantage of your ignorance. Sometimes it may not even be intentional or with malice, but rather, you not knowing what questions to ask can mean your business isn’t getting the best return possible. 

Though Redknot Media does not currently offer digital advertising in-house, we are fully immersed and experienced in this field. We can help analyze your reporting and consult you on the questions you should ask. We can recommend optimizations for your campaign or even accompany you in meetings with your vendor. We will be your advocate and partner while you advance your digital marketing pursuit. 

The same goes for SEO, web development, app development, and software development. Though we would love to have you on our team, we will gladly act as a second set of eyes on these endeavors as well. 

A Second Opinion

Have you ever had a major surgery? Did you go forward with the first doctor you met with? Digital marketing operates in much the same way. Sometimes the correct path is not so cut and dry. If you recently received an audit and pitch from another agency, we can help walk you through their proposal and offer a second opinion. If you received several quotes from several agencies, we can help you put the pieces together and decide which option will provide the highest return or the quickest return.