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How Is SEO An Investment?

An effective SEO strategy enables your business to gain organic traffic on Google and other search engines. The alternative to organic traffic is paid traffic, such as pay-per-click ads (PPC). The problem with paid traffic is that traffic stops when you stop paying. Winning organic positions can provide long-lasting, exponential return on investment. When you stop paying an SEO strategist, your organic rankings don't go away overnight. As long as your website remains healthy and relevant, you will continue to hold the first position until another business provides a more relevant result for a given query.

What Does Web Design Have To Do With SEO?

We believe an effective SEO strategy begins with the first line of code. That's because many on-page metrics significantly factor into Google's algorithm. This includes, but is not limited to, page speed, user experience (UX), bounce rate, and session duration. A good analogy is that Google wants to provide good customer service, which means they will want to serve search results that look good and are easy-to-use. This is a highly simplified explanation but it portrays the basic idea behind SEO. Our SEO strategy is not mysterious smoke-in-mirrors. We want our clients to understand what will make their business stand out from the rest.

Columbus Web Design
and SEO

Redknot Media is a boutique web design and SEO company in Columbus Ohio specialising in compelling custom websites, organic growth, and organic conversion optimization. Tired of paying for PPC and digital ads? Create your own leads with organic traffic!

At Redknot, our primary goal is fostering organic growth for your business. This means - starting with the first line of code, your custom website will be optimized not just for current SEO best-practices, but for future and rising trends as well.

This means mobile-first responsive design, structured data, and voice-search optimization.