Jet Ski Experts is an educational and product review website that helps personal watercraft owners learn about various jet ski accessories, how-to guides, and PWC trends. Jet Ski Experts wants to be the foremost authority on anything related to jet skis.


Jet Ski Experts monetizes traffic via affiliate product links to Amazon. Jet Ski Experts relies solely on organic traffic, with goals related to increased keyword rankings, increased conversion rates, and continued growth of organic traffic.

Jet Ski Experts: 6 Month Review

With a focus on highly strategic keyword research and relevant content, Jet Ski Experts went from 0 to 1,000 monthly users in under 5 months, with current traffic on pace for 4,000 monthly users at 7 months. We have not deployed link building tactics with this campaign. We simply focused on content, on-site metrics, and keyword research. Link building makes sense for certain industries and niches, but in some niches, link building may not be necessary.

Jet Ski Experts traffic trend

In under 7 months, Jet Ski Experts gained 143,000 organic impressions on Google with an average CTR of 4.7%. The below graph is a screenshot of Google Search Console. Has your agency asked you about Google Search Console? Is your website and sitemap verified on Google? Do you have crawl errors? We are Google Search Console experts.

Jet Ski Experts GSC 12 months

We use industry-leading software such as SEMrush and Ahrefs to conduct our SEO research. The below graph is a depiction of the ranking keyword trend for Jet Ski Experts from SEMrush. According to Ahrefs, Jet Ski Experts has nearly 1,000 ranking keywords with 40 in the top 3. Did you know over 70% of online traffic goes to the first 3 organic results of a given search query? Less than 10% goes to PPC ads.

Jet Ski Experts Organic Keywords Trend

Want to take your website on a path of exponential growth like Jet Ski Experts? Ask us today! We are experts in both local and national Google search. On a local level, we utilize aggressive Google My Business/Google Maps optimizations. Don’t settle for a “full-service” digital agency. Organic growth is complex, which is why SEO tends to take a back seat at “full-service” agencies.

Organic Search > PPC

Jet Ski Experts Had 0 Ads

Yes, Jet Ski Experts is on pace to reach 4,000 monthly users in under 7 months ... without a single paid advertisement. Don't let a quick-witted salesman tie you into thousands of dollars in advertising without first getting your SEO right. Even if the quick conversions of PPC seem tempting, SEO fundamentals help your paid campaigns convert better, so there is no benefit in prioritizing PPC before SEO.

Most People Click Organic Results

Why does SEO convert so well? Opposed to traditional marketing, organic search marketing places your business in front of customers while they are actively looking for your product. Over 80% of online traffic is through organic search. There is a reason even the biggest corporations invest heavily into SEO. By the end of 2020, SEO is expected to be an $80 BILLION industry.

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