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Redknot Media is a boutique web design and SEO company in Columbus Ohio specializing in compelling custom websites, organic growth, and organic conversion optimization. Tired of paying for PPC and digital ads? Create your own leads with organic traffic!

At Redknot, our primary goal is fostering organic growth for your business. This means - starting with the first line of code, your custom website will be optimized not just for current SEO best-practices, but for future and rising trends as well.

This means mobile-first responsive design, structured data, and voice-search optimization.

Recent Work

We help companies scale their organic growth through tried and tested methods

SEO / Affiliate Marketing

Jet Ski Experts

Jet Ski Experts is a member of the Amazon Associates program, which monetizes traffic through affiliate marketing. In 7 months, we have grown organic traffic from 0 to 4,000 unique users per month (and growing). Learn more about this success story!

Paying Per Click

There is a reason your current agency keeps pushing you toward PPC. The ROI is easily reportable through conversion metrics, like clicks and phone calls. It takes less pressure off the agency to perform. Another reason is that PPC and other forms of paid traffic lock you into an ongoing, long-term campaign. If you stop paying, your traffic stops. This gives your agency the upper hand.

PPC is not bad, but it should not be your primary digital marketing tactic. PPC is a marketing expense, rather than an investment. It will bring you leads and new business right away - but it will not secure future business. Organic growth enables your business to become self-sustaining through brand trust, awareness, and authority. PPC should be used to support your organic strategy, NOT vice versa.

Both Google and Facebook ads have had cost-per-click nearly triple in the past 5 years. As digital advertising becomes more popular, costs continue to soar. Not to mention, with recent crackdowns on consumer privacy, the efficacy of digital ads will continue to decrease. 5 years from now, the biggest winners will be those who invested in organic growth.

“I am far from a computer expert. I tried building my own website and failed with the intensity of a supernova. Thankfully I was referred to RedKnot Media by a friend. They didn’t fix my mess, they built a whole new website from the ground up. They were there every step of the way with me and continue to help me when my caveman self has issues figuring out even the most basic thing.”
John Ferreira Owner @ John R Photo